COVID-19: Catchup the best opportunities even in Coronavirus Crisis!


The global spread of the COVID-19 virus has lead many governments to take stringent measures in recent weeks, which directly impact the economies worldwide. While certain industries currently suffer deeper impact than others, most governments start to see that the significant measures taken by them weeks prior, allow them now to act for relief in some sectors and gradually move forward towards routine functioning markets.

As expected, the global market is not immune to the uncertainty brought by the virus outbreak. A subdued funding activity that has been occurring during the last few weeks is naturally attributed to the cautious approach of investors due to volatile market conditions since the outbreak.

So the question being – is it safe to invest? The answer can be both yes and no. Nobody is able to predict the future. Yet it is realistic to anticipate a very fast growth in the global markets once we are out of the Coronavirus crisis. That is why we never stop browsing for appealing opportunities within (but not limited to) sectors that are currently on the rise as a result of the recent challenging events.

The Coronavirus epidemic is not the first (or last) epidemic humankind suffers (or suffer in the future). The worldwide financial and emotional trauma seems to have brought the awareness of biological threats, and governments and publics now understand the importance of being prepared for the next epidemic.

That is why there is renewed interest in the biotech and healthcare sector (including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment). Also, given the public health objectives of social distancing, remote based industries are attracting investors as well. These include telemedicine, online education and entertainment, internet infrastructure and logistic services.

Even in this uncertain time, we at Optas Industry continue to offer our clients with tailor-made investment portfolios, bringing our experience and familiarity with global trends while keeping our responsible approach. We view this period as such that allows us to modify and change portfolio structures and find opportunities from a long-term perspective. We continue examining each opportunity, by carefully analyzing the wide impact of expected changes of the relevant industry due to consistent changes of the environment.

The premise of Optas Industry’s crisis management, is that humankind strives forward and knows how to produce solutions under its limits. In our view, it is now more important than ever to seek professional advice, one that makes the wise and necessary adjustments in full compliance with each investor’s objectives and goals.